“In the moment that you are awake, all of a sudden everything has meaning. Every person and experience that enters your world is a symbol. All things reveal themselves as signs on your path that guide you through your destiny.”

2012 is NOW!

Why am I here on Earth? The same reason that everyone else is here; to discover my unique gifts and talents and use them to be of service to others.

My name is Dayna Lynn. I am an Intuitive Self-Healer. Through my own process of self-healing, I am committed to empowering others to heal themselves.  Whatever the medium or method, I am intent upon staying on purpose.

This life is a journey through self-acceptance which is merely realizing the perfection that is me/you and my/your life. Bringing into conscious awareness all that we are. And in turn, realizing that we are truly One. All is One.

And what is so important about self healing, anyway? Well, many often wax poetic in a fit of idealism about healing the world, feeding the starving children in Africa, spreading imperialism freedom and democracy to those “less fortunate.” Noble, right?

One truth I know is real: A healed world is a world full of healed and whole individuals. Humanitarian work is necessary, but it becomes worthless if each of us aren’t doing the work in our own lives. Its akin to getting ready to put makeup on in the morning and putting it on the mirror instead of my own face. While I’m standing there, I may not be able to tell the difference. But once I walk away, I’ll notice something isn’t right.

Besides, what I am I trying to cover up?

We each have to do the work of healing, accepting and integrating ourselves. We must find practical ways to contribute to the healing of the world. The primary way is by empathizing with the human condition, which means accepting yourself. You are human, right? Experiencing the gamut of feast and famine on every plane: mind, body and spirit… ?

Heal Yourself = Heal the World = Spread LOVE.

I am committed to lifting the vibration of the planet by guiding others through their personal growth and spiritual healing.

  • Discover the root of conflict in your relationships and how to resolve it
  • Understand in what areas of life relationships are pushing you to grow and evolve
  • Gain clarity on the patterns of your life
  • And much MUCH more!

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