Mars in Libra | December 7, 2013 – July 25, 2013

by dayna lynn on December 1st, 2013

We’ve already talked extensively about Venus in Capricorn for the next 4 months. That is my natal Venus placement, so this is sure to be an eventful time for me and other’s who have their natal Venus in Capricorn.

Now, on to Mars. I’ve been looking forward to writing this. Mars will be in Libra for 7 months, SEVEN MONTHS! That is a long time. Especially since Mars is usually in a sign for 6 weeks. First, I’ll talk about Mars, then I’ll talk about Libra.We’ll see how the two manifest together. Let’s see what we will be in store for the next 7 months of Mars in Libra!

Mars Mars is the masculine principle. The thrust forward. The desire and drive for life. Mars is proactive and forward moving. The god of war, Mars shows how we assert our will and what we do when we are challenged. Mars is our energy. If the Sun is our will and our vitality, Mars is the executor. It does the dirty work. Mars carries out the orders, just like a solider.

MarsMars by sign shows how we go after what we want. Do you idealize and act rationally, without the influence of emotion like an Air sign Mars (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)? Are you motivated by your passion and zeal like a fire sign Mars (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)? Do you take the practical road and move forward in a sensible manner like an Earth sign Mars (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)? Or do you act based upon your feelings or intuition like a Water sign Mars (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)?

Mars as an energy not concerned with the social aspects of life and living. Mars is concerned with the self and engineering a path toward ones desire. It describes the nature of your desire, what get’s your goat. Mars is the executor of the progenerative force. It goes out to do the work of spreading the seeds of self that will later (if fertilized and tended to) sprout and take root, producing fruit.

Mars is sex, in the purest sense of the word, Penetration. It’s the ultimate desire for release. Where Mars transits is where we put our energy. It’s where the drive is directed for self motivated interests. It’s where we seek to accomplish and attain the object of our desire.

Now we’ll talk about Libra, the sign Mars will occupy for the next 7 months.

LibraLibra Oh, sweet Libra. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign. Being Cardinal tells us that Libra is hardly passive. Libra initiates, takes the lead, and seeks control in Air sign matters. Air is the element of the mind, ideas, social interaction, and idealism. Libra initiates relationship by examining and mirroring reactions. Libra observes the rules of social interaction and takes the lead in enforcing them.

Again, Libra is by no means passive aggressive. It has a strong sense of justice. There is a right and there is a wrong that is defined by logic, rational analysis, and the social rules of engagement. The indecisive nature of Libra is an outgrowth of wanting to do the right thing. Libra wants to act based upon what makes logical sense, as well as what is defined as socially acceptable. Being an Air sign gives Libra perspective and allows Libra to perceive a thing or situation with clarity.

On the shadow side, Libra can be self righteous, endowing himself with the power and permission to deliver justice and right wrongs. Libra can get caught up in his ability to see an issue with logical clarity that he misses the emotional nuance provided by intuition and emotional awareness. In an effort to do the right thing, Libra loses touch with his desire. He doesn’t know what he wants. He thinks about what he should want based upon the information before him, rather than feeling what he actually wants based upon in depth self reflection and self awareness.

Given what we now know about Mars and Libra, what can we expect during Mars in Libra’s 7 month transit?

Mars in Libra In Libra, Mars acts based upon logic and reason. He seeks to overcome any emotional influence on his decision and decision making. While this sounds noble and appropriate in certain situations, this means that he doesn’t take into consideration the feelings of himself and others. And not that decisions should be based solely upon what one feels, but there should be a healthy balance between reason, rational, feeling, and intuition.

In any case, Mars in Libra plays the role of solider for justice. He leaves the emotional, touchy, feely stuff up to someone else. His primary challenge is choosing between what pleases others/what is socially acceptable, and what is the logical, rational, right thing to do. Mars in Libra can find himself frozen in indecision, weighing the pros and cons. Yet, his goal is not so much the decision itself, rather the decision making process. His goal is the deliberative process of assessment and analysis. Mars in Libra is in it’s detriment. That’s a fancy way of saying Mars and Libra don’t get on well. Whereas Mars is the self assertive drive and executor of the personal will, Libra is the sign of partnership and connecting with others. So, how does the planet of self/self-assertion act when it wears the clothes of social grace and social interaction?

Mars in Libra is motivated to initiate relationships. He wants to meet people and do what needs to be done to attract others. However, it can be quite a frustrating conundrum. The self get’s lost in what he may perceive to be the appropriate response as opposed to the authentic response. Authenticity. That’s a word that comes up a lot. It’s not Libra’s strong suit. This time period may be marked with the challenge to see through the veneer of social graces and pleasantries.

Libra is actually a bit of a control freak and a stickler for doing things a certain way. But he has difficulty when he’s working with Mars. It’s as if Libra wants to connect with something larger than itself. Not in the Pisces way of emotional entanglements and empathy. It’s more of a someone than a something.

Mars in Libra is mulling over the options, taking into consideration other people and their needs. The preservation of relationships and interaction trumps self interest. Mars still has goals and aims in Libra. But the means of acquiring them are less direct and more coded. The aesthetic sensitivity of Libra can become deceit with Mars. The actual goals and aims of Mars can be hidden behind the smiles and social graces of Libra.

So, with all of that being said, while Mars transits Libra, we will all be challenged to take into consideration other people and their needs in a particular area of our lives. Our impulsiveness may be curtailed requiring thought before action, as well as using reason to deliberate over the right path to take.

Mars won’t act uninhibited. He has Uranus in Aries to contend with, which is the poster child for erratic and vigilant self interest. The tug of war between self and other takes on volatile expression. And while he’d like to remain detached and use the power of his mind, Jupiter in Cancer magnifies the emotional ebb and flow of our moods. We will experience conflict around honoring our feelings, even when they are subject to change. And how can we do that within the context of feeling driven to remain detached? The pull of our emotions will be strong. We will all be learning to deal with both our need for emotional expression and our drive for right action.

Pluto in Capricorn hooks into a battle of wills with Mars in Libra. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing the foundation of every area of our lives. Is it a sound foundation, or are there cracks in it making it inefficient? Mars in Libra is known for skimming the surface, yet Pluto won’t go for that. How can we deal with the decay of what we thought was solid and secure while maintaining a sense of grace and allure? How can we take into consideration the needs of others when they are in a slow, but constant, state of flux and transformation?

Venus in Capricorn will be along for the ride during a large portion of Mars transit of Libra. She will be square Mars in Libra and also ruling (being the boss of) Mars in Libra since Libra is the sign of Venus. As mentioned in the post linked above, Venus in Capricorn wants relationships of substance based upon mutual goals and long term commitment. Venus wants a love built on a solid foundation, that will stand the test of time. Mars in Libra just wants a relationship. Preferably one that looks good. You can see the problem here. I’ll go more in depth in a future post.

So, with Mars being in a sign that he doesn’t bode well in, and being challenged by some other planetary heavy weights, we’re in for a rocky 7 months. April 22, 2014 is the peak of this energetic sh!tstorm. But we’ll get a nice taste toward the end of December 2013 and the beginning of January 2014.

Happy Mars in Libra!

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