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I often check to see what search terms land people on my website and forever and ever, its always Aries. Last year around this time, we had a huge stellium (3 or more planets) of planets in Aries. Jupiter moved into Aries. And Uranus moved into Aries as well. So I have a lot of posts that mention Aries.

I figured I would write a specific post about Aries so that when folks land here, they’ll find something more substantial. I’m sure all of you Rams, and Sheep, will like that!

For me, I best understand the zodiac as a cycle of evolution. Each sign responding to and building upon what the previous sign embodies. Technically, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. However, Pisces is really the preceding energy that births Aries. So, first a bit about Pisces.

Pisces, the sign where Neptune(2) is freshly residing, is the sign that the Sun is in between Winter and Spring. Its modality, manner of expression, is Mutable. All the mutable signs occur between seasons. Gemini, between Spring and Summer. And Sagittarius, between Autumn and Winter. The modality of these signs relates to the season in which they occur.

Pisces is the 12th notch in the evolutionary circle. At this point, we have identified our tribe will experiencing the sign Aquarius. Not necessarily the tribe of our blood or family. But the tribe we consciously choose. The one who’s chosen hopes and dreams mirror and match our own. Those who’s vision for the world is one we can vibe with. And now that we have identified our group tribe, we can expand that identification to non-identification. This is where we meet Pisces.

Pisces is the ultimate in self expression. Its not into forcing a fit into one mode of being or manner of expression, hence its modality is Mutable. It flows into the crevices and empty spaces in an elusive manner, to fill in and be the void, hence it is water.

Then comes Aries.

Aries response to the being and nothingness of Pisces, is to focus its energy into a pointed beingness. After the effusive existence of Mutable Water comes Cardinal Fire. Cardinal signs initiate via the element they are matched with. In the case of fire, Aries initiates creativity, passion and inspiration. Inspiration in the sense of being filled up with spirit, essence, vitality, life!

Whereas Pisces is a diffuse focal point of being, Aries is a concentrated focal point of being and consciousness. From the All, to One.

Each sign has evolutionary lessons associated with it. And the lesson of Aries is to become more and more of a vessel for consciousness. This is why Aries can be extremely focused only in the present moment. They aren’t here to express foresight and vision of Capricorn (Cardinal Earth), or the security consciousness of Cancer (Cardinal Water.)

As a focused point of expression, Aries thrust forward and forward only. The concept of past of future doesn’t quite exist for this sign. Now is the only thing there is. Nothing is more exciting than the present moment. Leave the fervor for the future to Aquarius (Fixed Air).

The concept of an other person is not the realm of Aries. That is for Libra to learn about. Aries evolves through full self consciousness. Sometimes it can come off as self-absorption and self-centeredness. And for the unskilled Aries, this is exactly what it is. A primary lesson of Aries is learning how to assert the self bravely, courageously and passionately with full awareness of one’s surroundings.

Finally, Aries is the initiator of the indwelling of spirit in physical reality (Cardinal Fire). The transition from Pisces to Aries is that of implosion, bursting inward. Full expansive immerision to total and immediate concentration of spirit expression. For those with Aries prominent in their chart, your challenge is to ask yourself “How can I courageously be a full expression of spirit in this moment?”

And even if you don’t have Aries prominent via planet(s) or angle, you have Aries somewhere in your chat, occupying a particular house cusp. This the area of life in which you can ask yourself that same question.

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