Down to Earth – Full Moon in Virgo 2012 + Mercury Retrograde in Aries/Pisces

by dayna lynn on March 8th, 2012

Similar to the New Moon in Virgo back in August 2011, this lunation brings with it a good heaping helping of Earth energy. The earth signs are Taurus (Venus and Jupiter are here), Virgo (the Moon and Mars are here), and Capricorn (Pluto is here). Also similar to then, there is very little air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius). Saturn is the lone ranger, retrograde in the very late degrees of Libra.

What does this mean?

It alludes to several things. In the immediate cycle, following the New Moon in Pisces of February 21, we are swiftly brought down to earth. I remember during that New Moon that folks were feeling hazy, tired and generally ungrounded. Neptune in Pisces (2) emergence as a major player in the current energetic dynamic made its self known.

Next, in a larger cycle, from a New Moon in a sign to the Full Moon in that same sign 6 months later; we are reaching a crisis point. Some stories evolve over the course of a few weeks, a few months, or some years or even across generations. Looking back to the last Moon of the Summer, we were preparing for our harvest and planning for the next year.

If you participated in the challenge to make lists of your vision for the next year, now is a great time to look back at those lists and see where you are progress wise. We are entering the phase of the Solar Cycle where the first seeds are beginning to bud. Not only on the trees and grass blades, but also in our lives. We may not yet have fully ripened fruit, but at least the first visual evidence of growth.

The Full Moon in Virgo requires critical analysis of your plans, grounding of your inspiration into real life action, and skillful execution of any task of undertaking in which you find yourself.

One of the most glorious aspects of of this full moon is the perfecting Grand Trine in Earth mentioned at the beginning of this post. Venus is approaching her conjunction with Jupiter in Taurus. Venus is our desire and what we find beautiful, its what we value. Its where we go for comfort and for enjoyment and fun. Jupiter is our belief system. How we are growing and expanding. What we do to be successful.

With both of the planets in Taurus and coming to a perfect conjunction, their forces are combined to boost and expand our experience of love and enjoyment, success and growth. Taurus is sensual, opulent, comfort seeking, determined… Taurus does nothing fast, it does things deliberately and after much thought and reflection.

Venus and Jupiter are supported by Mars in Virgo. Remember Mars is spending a whopping 6 months in Virgo rather than just 6 weeks. So we get an extra dose of energy to support us in planning, being analytical and discriminating, and increasing our skills/skill set. The Taurus planets will love this because this energy supports their expression. The Moon is also there. All of this helps us to be grounded have a level head during an otherwise challenging time period.

Finally, Pluto is Capricorn transforming the structures of our lives, beneath our very feet. Checking for soundness and seeing if they can withstand the test of time.

This all bodes well for those of use who could use some perspective as well as a slowing down of the pace.

One last thing…

Mercury. Oh dear Mercury. He moving at a snails pace and is well into his shadow and has been there since February 26. He officially goes retrograde on March 12. Mercury is in Aries now still in conjunction with Uranus contributing to the excitement and electricity in the air. During his retrograde phase, he will dip back into Pisces.

Mercury in Pisces says: I think and communicate in order to dissolve boundaries between myself and my environment. I think in order to inspire and to lose my sense of self. My method of communication is elusive. And sometimes its hard to get me to stick to what I say or to say or decide definitively. At my best, I am inspired and inspiring. I have a strong penchant for genius because I am able to permeate the mental boundaries that other people may get stuck in.

Mercury in Aries says: I think and communicate in order to assert my sense of self. I think about myself and my basic self preservation. I communicate courageously, assertively, directly and sometimes brashly, crassly and offensively. I don’t mean any harm I just have a lot of mental energy. I am bold in my thinking and demand independence and space to do and be as I please. At my best, I am bold and a defender of the weak. I am creative and a leader.

I think that’s it. Whew!

Happy New Moon!

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