Illusory? – New Moon in Pisces 2012

by dayna lynn on February 21st, 2012

The New Moon in Pisces, which takes place on Tuesday February 21, 2012 at 4:34pm CST, inaugurates the new energy of Neptune in Pisces. In part 2 of the post on Neptune’s ingress to Pisces, I talked about we can expect to see this energy reflected.

The sign Pisces lives in between worlds. Depending on how you choose to celebrate, it is the last sign/energy before the New Year at the Spring Equinox, the ingress of the Sun in Aries. It truly lives between life and “death”.

Neptune in Pisces is undoubtedly the dominant reflection of the time period which we are now living. This is a time where the veil of illusion and fantasy, that which lives betwwen the material and nonmaterial worlds, is thinning. However, it is subtle and much easier seen in retrospect.

  • What is your knee jerk response when your illusions come shattering down in a smattering of reality busting events?
  • How hard do you work to maintain your illusions?
  • What are your addictive behavior patterns and/or coping mechanisms that you use to shield yourself from “reality”?

At this New Moon, not only are the Sun, Moon and Neptune in Pisces; but also Mercury and Chiron (both rulers of the Sign Virgo.) That puts 5 placements in Pisces. Elusive and Illusory are two words I would use to describe this energy. Its hard to grasp. And its best to just let it be. To observe and be a vessel rather than to push and force.

Pisces is grief and loss, surrender and service, sacrifice and creativity. This is the time to connect to the higher, greater, bigger and more than you. To see how you can be a vessel, a channel, for the All-One; particularly in the area of life where Pisces falls in your chart based on your Rising Sign/Ascendant…

Aries: Your 12th house. The place where you are egoless, where your sense of self and personal boundaries are dissolved.

Taurus: Your 11th house. Its all about the groups of people with whom you identify as having similar hopes, dreams and plans as you and the work you do together.

Gemini: Your 10th house. Where you are going. Your career, life purpose and where you are ultimately headed in life.

Cancer: Your 9th house. The places and spaces in life where you gather your life experiences into a holistic worldview/belief system.

Leo: Your 8th house. Your first experiences of loss of self in intimate, boundary merging encounters with one other. Material, physical, emotional, spiritual…

Virgo: Your 7th house. Your projected self. The you that you encounter in others. One on one partnerships of all kinds. Even enemies.

Libra: Your 6th house: Your work, health and daily routine. The places and ways in which you increase your skills in a particular area. And are of service with your skill set.

Scorpio: Your 5th house: Creative self expression. Romance, children, creativity, playfulness and sexuality.

Sagittarius: Your 4th house. Your roots, tribe. Where you come from. Your deepest most personal and intimate self.

Capricorn: Your 3rd house. Your immediate environment. Community, neighborhood and habitual interactions with such. Communication (writing, speaking etc.)

Aquarius: Your 2nd house. Your values and possessions that provide material stability for you. What you value and what you do with what you value.

Pisces: Your 1st house. Your approach. How you come off to others. The role you play to fit into the world.

Happy New Moon!

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