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by dayna lynn on January 22nd, 2012

We get a double whammy this week: New Moon in Aquarius and Mars Retrograde in Virgo… oh boy!

Most months, I am eagerly anticipating the New Moon. And this one is no different. I’m actually more ready than usual.

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs on Monday January 23, 2012 at 1:39am CST.
The New Moon reflects the dominating theme and growing emotional energy for the next 29 or so days. It peaks at the Full Moon, but remains in play for the entire Lunar cycle. Looking back to the previous New Moon in Capricorn of December 25, 2011 we can see that its tight square (dynamic relationship) with Uranus (sudden, erratic, change, independent, forward propelling) set the tone for what we experienced the first month of 2012. Lots of people all over the place and acting besides themselves when they felt their security was threatened.


This time, Uranus is in harmonious relationship with the Sun and Moon. And that is great because Uranus rules Aquarius and is thus the ruler of this New Moon. This gives a more constructive expression to an energy that really wants us all to evolve and find our individuality within the context of other individuals. [Uranus will be in aspect to pretty much every New Moon between now and May. This is reflecting a larger theme which I will talk about in a future post(s).]

Whereas the last New Moon was in harmonious relationships with Jupiter in Taurus (expansion growth around our definition and use of resources ie money etc), this time he acts as a tempering influence. Aquarius can get quite excited and gung ho and miss out on the deeper implications of her great ideas. Taurus is slow moving and deliberate. He takes his time and rushes into nothing. Finding the balance between these two energies in your own life and relationships is the challenge of this New Moon.

Also in play is the New Moon separating (leaving) from her square to Saturn. Saturn reflects the restraining influence that says grow up, build, mature and take your time. He is the great karmic reflector and only returns results exactly proportionate to what you put in. His recent dynamic square to the Sun and Moon is probably why the last week was so rough. We wanted to move forward and progress and build, bus somewhere along the way, ego and expression of individuality, either yours or someone else’s, got in the way.

Since that aspect is separating, this New Moon is a time of reflecting on what we experienced last week and seeing how to move forward from there.

And as always, New Moons are beginnings, seed planting times. So this is a great time to focus on how the group of people with whom you identify reflect, support or hinder your forward evolution and growth towards your hopes, ideals and dreams. Are these people your family? Do you need to redefine family for yourself? The Full Moon in Leo on February 7, 2012will illuminate these issues for you and show you where you stand amongst the crowd.

Mars goes stations retrograde in Virgo on Monday and Tuesday January 23 and 24, 2012.
Mars will be Retrograde from now until April 13, 2011. Looking back to the Mars in Virgo post from November 2011…

Mars in Virgo says I am driven by the motivation to increase my skills in a particular area so that I can make a valuable contribution to my community. In Leo, I was excited about creativity, self discovery and expression. But now that I know who I am, there is only one thing left to do. And that is to get better it! There is a better and best way to do things and I am here to show you. In order to contribute something worthwhile to my community, I have to be in good health and keep order in my life. An organized and efficient life is a motivated life.

Now I’m not perfect, although I like to think I am. I often get so caught up in details and helping other people fix their lives that I miss the bigger picture and forget about myself. I am at my best when I diligently focus on the task at hand with efficiency and skill.


Oh sweet, earthy and rugged Virgo. Virgo is the Virgin. Not because she’s never had sex (despite their modesty they have had much of it, wild and raw!), but because she is owned by no man. Virgo women are, ie Beyonce, have taken that Leo individuality to the next level. Not only do they know who they are, but they are here to perfect it. They are not intimidated by competition. There is none. And not out of arrogance but from a compulsion to perfect their expression with skill in a state of constant self evolution. I mean look at Michael Jackson. His work ethic is unmatched. Except only by another Virgo, Beyonce…

So, this is the energy of Mars in Virgo. Its driven to perfect. Motivated to create order. Goes after what it wants with a plan and a lists…lots of lists. The Mercurial compulsion of Virgo can, however, sometimes get out of hand. Making all of those lists and trying to conceptualize perfection and order can keep him from actually ever getting anything done. And this is where Mars Retrograde comes into the picture.

I’m sure all of us have been experiencing the criticizing, perfection driven energy of Mars in Virgo in some area and/or relationship in our lives. It could be our own voice or that of a partner or friend, urging us to hanker down on the details lest we reach an outcome less than perfect. Mars in Virgo has been the handy man of Pluto in Capricorn (the destroyer and rebuilder of our life and society’s structures).

Pluto’s aspirations are deep and profound, and transformational at its core. And Mars gives us the instructions to implement it on a day to day basis and see it happening in real life. This here is the energy of Mars retrograde in Virgo.

As Mars appears to move backwards in Virgo, we have the opportunity to go back over all of this long term projects that have begun over the last few months. We get to gain perspective and revisit the plan. And you know Virgo loves to revisit the plan. The stationing of Mars may in fact be challenging especially for Aries types who like to go forward only, head first. But for earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo of course) as well as Scorpio and Cancer; this retrograde will allow them to sure up their resources, relationships and plans.

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