Eclipse #3 – The Final Scene…

by dayna lynn on June 26th, 2011

We’ve reached the final scene in this drama of eclipses.

The 1st eclipse was one month ago on June 1. It was a New Moon Solar Eclipse. And with that energy, you were able to plant seeds around how to create new intimacy in your life. It focused mostly on your relationships with other people, but also pertained to your relationships with your work/career/passion.

How have you transformed your day to day living to create room for the changes you desire in, and bring balance to, your relationship with everything in your life?

The 2nd eclipse occurred on June 15. Under this Moon, the universe showed you everything that was in the way of you and your desire. And it was emotional! That energy lasted up through last week as it was a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse. It lasted for 100 minutes which is LONG! You sought clarity, but it seemed like only a slew of confusion ensued around the desire you seemed so sure about just 2 weeks prior.

Now that we are upon the final eclipse, which is a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, you can take the revelations received under the Full Moon and use your insight to adjust your desire and plant seeds to reflect your new perspective.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on Friday July 1, 2011 at 3:54am CST. View eclipse chart here.

As this New Moon is in the sign of Cancer, its particularly powerful because the Moon is in her native sign. This week, we reach a peak in the tension that was building steadily last week. We got a break over the weekend, but now its in full force.

The revelations of the previous Moon alerted us to our need for emotional security. And the only evidence needed was the instability felt after the eclipse. All of a sudden change in our relationships, home/living situation and career became urgent.

There is this feeling that you’re not doing enough. Its an unrealistic perception about the effectiveness of your actions and the impact that have on manifesting your desires. Its short lived, but its scary. The very structures that are upholding life are falling away.

The transformation that has been the underlying storyline for everything happening in our lives reaches a peak under this eclipse. We meet head on the the simultaneous need for security and the irresistible, inevitable and imminent change. Its relentless. We must think and act differently in our relationships. Its crucial.

If we are going to make it (and we are), if we are going to survive these changes (yep, we will); we must be able to connect and relate to each other authentically. We must be using our gifts and talents to be of service so that we can stop relying on “someone else” (read: the government) to provide security and take care of our needs.
from Eclipse #2 — Consequences & Repercssions

This is relevant and true under this Eclipse. If you didn’t feel it then, its thick in the air now.

This is the time to plant seeds around what makes you feel safe, secure, nurtured, bonded and close to those you Love, your tribe. Say it. Write it down. Think about it. Meditate on it. Affirm it. The universe needs to hear you communicate it with emotional commitment.

Its about getting your needs met and not waiting on someone else to do it for you. If you don’t say it, if you don’t stand up for it how will you know, how will they know?

Know that when you express these things there are going to be people who don’t want to hear your emotional authenticity because it means change and they want things to stay the same.

Some people may feel like you are trying to control them and they’ll rebel. Don’t take it personal. You have to do what you have to do for you to get your needs met. The balance must be restored.

Still there is this deep state of transformation occurring that seems like it is threatening your sense of security and stability, but its not. The change you seek in your relationship to the people and things in your life and the transformation taking place in the fundamental structures of your life are working toward the same goal. The conflict only seems real when you polarize to either end of the spectrum.

Are you independent or co-dependent? Find the balance, and develop interdependence.

Are you overly focused on immediate security needs and lose track of the long term? Are you so focused on the long term that you forget about your immediate emotional needs? Find the balance and realize that emotional authenticity in the moment does not threaten your goals unless you let it. And making a plan for beyond 3 months will guarantee that you’ll have your immediate security needs met in the future.

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