Summer Solstice 2011 – Nurturing Life, Love & Dreams

by dayna lynn on June 21st, 2011

The days are longer. Sometimes longer than we’d like. The nights are short.

With drive, passion and fiery motivation, the seeds planted during the Winter Solstice have sprung forth reaching for the light of the Sun (Aries). The earth has been tended to and worked over with steadfast focus and determination (Taurus). The first signs of maturation have manifested in the form of a beautiful flower, giving a glimpse of the future fruit those same plants shall bear (Gemini).

Now the amount of sunlight needed to make your life, love and dreams flourish has decreased. The hard labor of spring is over. Now its all about maintaining the emotional commitment that will allow your fruit to blossom, ripen and fall. (Cancer)

The Summer Solstice occurs on Tuesday June 21 at 12:16pm CST (View Chart). This point marks the ingress of the Sun into the Moon ruled sign of Cancer. A solstice occurs when the Sun appears to reach its northern or southern most point in the sky. The days leading up to this Solstice have been increasing in length, beckoning life to come forth from the Earth, from You.

The Moon in Pisces in the 6th house rules this onset of Summer. That means that service, creativity and spirituality needs to be part of your daily routine. Are you living your passion with purpose? Are you using your gifts and talents to be of service? Is the spark of the Divine, your connection

There are four main themes dominating the energy this summer:

  1. Mercury in Cancer in the 10th house: Thinking emotionally about where you are headed. Organizing your goals with immediate emotional security needs in mind. Integrating your emotional needs into your career…
  2. Saturn in Libra in the 1st house: (This is a theme carried over from the Spring accept this time Saturn is direct) The need to be fair mature and interdependent in our relationships and partnerships affects the role we play to fit in and how we come off to others.
  3. Uranus in Aries in the 7th house: Owning our individuality and being comfortable being an individual in partnerships and relationships. If not, our partner will be sure to act it out for us or be the wet blanket on our individuality party.
  4. Pluto in Capricorn in the 4th house: Slow, steady and practical transformation of the structures that create the foundation for our lives, that provide security and give us a sense of belonging and connectedness.

This is a pressure cooker of energy pushing and pulling, pressing and releasing in the sky called a Cardinal Grand Cross. And this stressful energy will only heighten from Summer onward. It is necessary to now create your coping mechanisms. In what ways can you create an inner sense of emotional security and groundedness and maintain an equilibrium during stressful times?

Ooh! I know! I know! Since Saturn in Libra is still boss around here, you must manifest maturity, interdependence and fairness in all of your relationships and partnerships. And if you don’t, you get shocked by a quirky, eccentric and contrarian planetary energy called Uranus.

Uranus in Aries is being that bratty little brother that annoys the crap out of you. You love him, but would like to ring his neck. Can’t do that to family. So, what is your recourse? To accept him. Accepting the Uranus in Aries energy during this period means doing your best to honor your own and your partner’s individuality.

The way the you approach the world and deal with your relationships is caught between the past patterns that have dominated your life and the inevitable change brought on by revolution.

You are transforming your private self and examining where you come from. At this point its need to know. Its affecting both directly and indirectly where you are going. And where you are going is urgent.

Remember, under the Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse of last week, you were given more information to help you get clear on your desire and where you are going. And its seems like it may have gotten more confusing than clear. No worries, the universe has more for you. But, you can start nurturing the parts of your desire that you are clear on.

Nurturing your desire for your relationships and LOVE, nurturing your desire in your career and how to best live your passion.

This summer is high on emotion and low on practical grounding energy. It is imperative that you strengthen your bonds, move on from those that have expired and create coping mechanisms to help you through the water. These are the same mechanisms needed to ripen your desire so that it matures into fruit.

Heal yourself. Heal the world. SPREAD LOVE!

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