December Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

by dayna lynn on December 14th, 2010

We’ve got a double whammy upon us! Not only is this a Full Moon, it occurs near the North Node of Destiny which makes it a Total Lunar Eclipse. AND the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs just hours before the Winter Solstice begins. The Universe is not playing with us. It is now or NOW!

A Full Moon occurs at the peak of the lunar cycle, when the face of the Moon is entirely visible from Earth. Full Moons illuminate our path and completion of something. A Lunar Eclipse magnifies a Full Moon by 100.  It happens when there is a Full Moon that occurs near the degree where the Sun and Moon’s orbits intersect with the Earth’s. Its effects are felt up to 5 weeks prior to and following its occurrence.  And it is continually activated as different planets aspect the degree where it occurred in a particular sign.

This corresponds to the time in the planting cycle for the flower to emerge. You are operating out of a mode of visible clarity rather than blind faith, and your watchword is objectivity.
– Astrology Unboxed, How to use the Moon Phases to your Advantage

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs on December 21, 2010 at 2:13 am CST, at a critical degree: Moon at 29 Gemini opposing the Sun at 29 Sagittarius. Critical degrees are a concentrated expression of the signs energy in which they are found. The axis of 29 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius brings a sense of urgency to our need to find balance between Knowing of Facts gained from new experiences (Gemini) and Understanding of Experience integrated into a belief or worldview (Sagittarius). The Sun in Sagittarius is illuminating all the places and ways we learn to think and communicate on a basic level: Our siblings, neighborhood, early schooling as well as short distance travel. The Moon in Gemini is feeling detached and finding safety and security in having new experiences and being intellectually clever.

Mercury is joining the Sun back in late Sagittarius, going backwards. He is a prime player in this lunation, helping to make this Full Moon more about the Sun’s energy expression than the Moon. The story that began around the New Moon on December 5th has resurfaced again, giving you a bit more information. You are closer to understanding the bigger picture of what is going on. Hold tight until January 13, when Mercury crosses over the eclipse point. And then finally January 17, when Mercury leaves its shadow, the degree point at which it went retrograde. This is quite a big story taking shape. But don’t let that adventurous, overzealous Sagittarian energy get the best of you. Hold tight a little bit longer.

Jupiter in Pisces is the outlet for the tension created by the Moon and Sun’s opposition. He is bringing us wisdom in the realm of our creative and risk taking endeavors. Wisdom is gained beyond the realm of knowledge and experience, it is Being (a keyword for Pisces). He is still dancing a slow dream of a dance with Uranus in late Pisces. They are making us feel very creative and like we want to take a risk and do something abnormal. We may overshoot and feel a bit more confident than usual.

The Ascendant in Libra makes relationships, once again, the center of all that is going on. With Venus in Scorpio in the 1st house we are all craving deep, intimate connection. We are craving the types of experiences that will break down our ego boundaries and give us an experience of Oneness with another. And with a sextile to Mars, it is easy to get what we want if we just take a risk a put forth the smallest effort. All the shared experiences that teach us how to better relate and connect is what the Universe is now bringing. But there seems to be a slight conflict between your ego and your Soul Desire. Which one will win?

Mars is in Capricorn just separating from his intense meeting with Pluto and Mercury earlier this month. Mars in Capricorn is focused, determined and steady on the grind. He has goals and is taking practical and efficient steps to get there. This is a perfect time to make changes to your daily routine that will positively affect your health and wellness. One step at a time. Steady does it.

Saturn. He is in the 12th house this time. It would seem like we might get a break, but Libra Rising is making sure that relationships and working out all of our stuff is still at the forefront. This time around, however, we just can’t find the words to say or figure out the direction we need to go in our relationships/partnerships. We feel the urge to move forward so strongly. Its overwhelming and affecting us in every way. But, how do we create something or do something practical to express that energy? It’ll be heavy on your mind, for sure. And when Mars squares Saturn around the 29th of December, you’ll be ready to make a move. But, Saturn will try his best to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself. Heed his caution. Saturn rewards those who wait.

Neptune in the 4th house. Even though the Moon is not in a receptive sign, this Full Moon is a fertile one. Combining the energies of creativity, romance, intense passion and the blurring of emotional and ego boundaries makes for some great art or some beautiful babies. You choose… Things may be more emotional around the home and deep on the inside of us. Watch your dreams and visions, they will surely be leading you down the path of your destiny.

Pluto is in close proximity to the Sun and Moon’s opposition is ensuring that the ending, beginning, breakthrough, breakup and/or major change that occurs under this Total Lunar Eclipse’s influence will get through all of the thick skulls of us more stubborn folks who have been quite resistant to change. This Full Moon will drastically change the way that we think about where we are going in our lives or in a certain situation. What we once valued or thought necessary to own as a part of feeling secure and stable is changing. Your feelings may be intense yet in accessible in some way. Relax. Relate. Release.

Dates to remember:

  • January 18, 2011 & February 28, 2011 – Jupiter and Pisces, respectively, exactly square the eclipse point from 29 Pisces. We are getting clearer, or are we?
  • January 13, 2011 – Mercury meets the Lunar Eclipse point at 29 Sagittarius. Yes, the end is near!
  • January 17, 2011 – Mercury leaves its shadow, the point at which he went retrograde back in early December. The story has reached some sort of conclusion. How do you feel?
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