The Sidereal Zodiac

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After much study and some intuitive inspiration, I am conceptualizing the Sidereal Zodiac for modern use. My premise for doing this is that the Tropical Zodiac is accurate in that it is based upon personality typology derived from collective observation, as well as the observations and associations individual astrologers make in the personal and professional practice. Only in surface affinity are modern sign significations related to the schism of sign rulership as derived from Essential Dignities.

The significations, or meanings, of the signs as I am deriving them from the Sidereal Zodiac lead me to conclude that the meanings of the signs in the Tropical Zodiac are only half right half of the time. Where planets are found in the later degrees of signs in the Tropical Zodiac, (after about 23 degrees), the planets remain in the same sign when read in the Sidereal Zodiac.

Finally, conceptualizing the signs this way denies the conceptual basis for the Astrological Alphabet (Planet=Sign=House). Taurus is not Venus and the 2nd house is not in anyway associated with Taurus (unless, of course, the native is Aries rising.) The general significations for planets does not necessarily assign meaning to a sign that it rules. So, Venus is a general significator for relationships, but that does not mean that Libra is the “sign of relationships.”

In future posts, I will talk about the history of each of the zodiacs. I want to take a look at a sample chart. I will be using a mix of traditional techniques including essential dignities. I will be using a more traditional slant for house meanings. I also will be using Whole Sign Houses.

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This is it!

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The Cardinal Cross brings with it feelings of apocalyptic longing. That is an epidemic of these times, the hope and desire that some or something will come and destroy and regenerate all of the ills of our lives and our society.

Wouldn’t that be nice? For destruction to save us? Wouldn’t it be nice for the impending doom we feel to actually manifest as regenerative transformation of all that plagues us? Love would come where we’ve felt the loneliest. Money and a fulfilling career would come and sweep us up from our passionless, daily grind. And a magical figure will come and lead us to the promise land of green energy, an innovative educational system, and destroy monsanto and it’s GMO’s

But guess what, friends! They/it isn’t coming! NO ONE AND NOTHING IS COMING TO SAVE YOU OR US! Get that through your thick skulls.

Heroes by SaraiRachel on Flickr

This configuration of planets reflects the pressure we feel, no doubt. But the pressue isn’t there only to torture us and make us hope and long even more for what is missing and what needs to change. The pressure is TO MAKE YOU CHANGE YOUR SELF!

Uranus in Aries is about the power and courage to BE THE CHANGE. Jupiter in Cancer provides the emotional context. This isn’t just for you. This is for all of those who came before you and all of those to whom you leave this world. Pluto in Capricorn reminds us that it’s bigger than your family and your feelings. This is about systemic change that is long overdue. But you must do your part. Finally, Mars in Libra brings it down to the real world and what you actually do. You must do the RIGHT thing. And that right thing is the thing that is best for you and those with whom you must live.

You can take self directed and self motivated action. But if you burn every bridge and destroy every relationship in the process, you’ll still be lonely.

Come on folks. I know that you are ready and that you can do this. If you want change, if you want something new, NOW is the ONLY time. LET’S DO IT!

The New Moon in Aries next Sunday March 30 is the key in the ignition. Make sure your tank is full and let’s get this show on the road. Only you can save you. And by us all saving ourselves, this world will be saved. And those who don’t possess the resources to move forward, we must be there for them to. We must not save them. We must help them save themselves.

[image credit Heroes by SaraiRachel on Flickr -]

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On Your Mark… an Ode to Aries Season & the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

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All across the interwebs, there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross that perfects April 21-23 2014. While this brings a lot of change and a lot of energy, personally, I’m looking back to Summer 2010 for the most recent Cardinal Cross.

While there were different planets involved, the same signs were inhabited: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. And while there was a lot going on, in my life, it signified a poignant culmination, as my chart was hit directly but the transiting planets. I feel confident saying that this Cardinal Grand Cross that is active now and perfecting in the coming weeks, signifies a CULMINATION.

I see this as a time where the things we’ve been focusing on and working towards during the last several months come to a head. The work that needs to be done is NOW…we’ve been on the clock for a few months now. And by April, we will see the result of our work.

When astrological formations occur, it is the building up to their meeting where all of the action is! Think of all work that an athlete does in order to make it to the Olympics. There are qualifying races and competitions, training, injuries, wins, losses…All of the story is actually what happens in preparation, not the actual race at the Olympics. The race at the Olympics is the point where all of the previous work has the opportunity to reach is fullest potential. At that point, it’s put up or shut up.


April is put up or shut up time.

You can’t show up to April thinking that everything will magically come together in your life. NOR can you expect it to all fall apart in dismal failure.

Have you been planning your work and working your plan? I’m not talking about prosperity and wealth. I’m not even talking about Law of Attraction feel better feelings think better thoughts, because that tends to keep you from called a turd a turd and preferring to call it $1,000,000 instead.

I’m talking about personal growth and initiative. I’m talking about shining a light on your shadow, taking responsibility for EVERYTHING that has happened and is happening in your personal life. I’m talking about giving up the blame game and making conscious and intentional contributions to the way that you want things to be by you, yourself being the way you want things to be.

I’ve briefly gone over the planetary players here. You can read up on it there and other places on the web. But I’ll give you a one (or two, or three) sentence overview now…

As you seek to find meaning and nestle cozily in the good, the bad, and the ugly of your family/home life/history (Jupiter in Cancer), know that your perceptions are colored and transformed by the overall changes that are occurring at the very root of ALL the structures that uphold order in our lives and in society (Pluto in Capricorn).

Taking into consideration that you have a past, that is shaped by your earliest emotional experiences and relationships, and considering that even those experiences are shaped by the social and cultural institutions of the times; you cannot underestimate the urgent need to break free from personal limitations that keep you from actualizing your full individual potential (Uranus in Aries). Sometimes that is the past and the very structures that provide you the stability you need to function in society.

Last, but not least, waxing poetic about yourself and your goals, and your tribe and heritage, and the current ills of society can take the focus off of what truly matters in the here and now. It can distract you from dealing with the present focus of your day to day life which is the ability to navigate through conflict and cooperate in constructive ways in your important relationships, and every person with whom you must coexist (Mars in Libra).

Come April, you should be primed with your feet in the starting blocks, having thoroughly prepared through hard work for forward progression, your desires having been chiseled and shaped by recent challenges that provide you all of the fuel and motivation you need to take off.

Where are you headed? Only time will tell. It’s that uncertainty of future outcomes that have been the source of all your angst. We can only count on making the best choices we can given the information we have at any given juncture.


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The Nodes enter Libra and Aries, leaving Scorpio and Taurus

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The Nodes enter Aries and Libra on February 18, 2014. The signs of the transiting nodes tell us about the fundamental shifts taking place that peak as the Sun and Moon meet near their dwelling during certain New and Full Moons throughout the year. These are the eclipses that will wrap up their time in Scorpio and Taurus and shift to Libra and Aries.

Winds of Destiny
Winds of Change by Leland Francisco on Flickr

The North Node speaks to our collective destiny and cultural aims. This undoubtedly intersects with us in personal ways. The South Node speaks to our collective karma. It’s where we are coming from. The South Node shows where we are comfortable and the energy we seek to balance and refine through our journey toward the North Node.

With the South Node in Aries for the next 18-19 months, we enter a time where we are called to become aware of the ways in which we focus only on ourselves, our needs, and our desires. We are acknowledging our need to be first, our competitive nature, and how we may create conflict and competition in our lives.

The North Node in Libra calls us to detach from our personal stake in the game and learn to cooperate with others. We are challenged to make decisions based upon how it affects all parties involved. More than avoiding conflict, we must choose our battles. We are seeking the “Right” answer, action, or desire. There is an impersonal aspect to the North Node in Libra.

Most importantly, we must learn to balance self interest with that of others. We must become aware of how our behavior affects other people and learn to accommodate and make adjustments. Consideration, manners, and acceptable behavior in social context comes to the forefront of our lives.

While Aries can be pioneering and courageous, those qualities must be measured and balanced against knowing when it is appropriate to step back and allow another to take the lead. Sometimes the courage and risk taking Aries is famous for is a destructive force to relationships. Other times it’s just what the doctor ordered!

We will all be very much focused on our relationships, becoming keenly aware of what is socially acceptable, and learning to balance passion with detachment, and aggression and assertiveness with strategic passivity.

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Happy Birthday PISCES!

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The Sun enters Pisces today to stay until March 20, 2014. He joins Neptune who is have slowly swimming through the sign of the fish.

The magic mirror by Lillucyka
Photo Credit: The magic mirrorby Lillucyka

After having been in Aquarius, the sign of genius, detachment, and perspective, the Sun in Pisces highlights the will and intention to be. More than an intellectual understanding or a practical awareness, Pisces is about intuitive consciousness. That is, an inner knowing that gives illuminates experience.

The rebelliousness and revolutionary spirit of the previous sign is transformed into the elusiveness of mutable water. The original shapeshifter of the zodiac, Pisces is a mirror. It reflects the emotional tenor and the zeitgeist of the times.

Pisces cannot be buckled down. The nature of mutable water is that it is adaptable. It seeps through crevices unseen by the naked eye. And it’s lack of definite form makes it impossible to hold on to. It needs the freedom to replenish at will, lest it become contaminated and unable to perform it’s most sublime miracle, the miracle of healing.

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